Helmut Krone. The book.
  Graphic Design and Art
  Direction (concept, form
  and meaning) after
  advertising's Creative
  Revolution. Clive Challis
  The Cambridge Enchorial
  Press Ltd.
  ISBN 0954893107

ISBN 0-9548931-0-7 The greatest art director ever? Or a graphic designer in an ad agency? Helmut Krone worked for Wiliam (Bill) Bernbach at Doyle Dane Bernbach. His Volkswagen Beetle campaign and Avis campaign (the defining campaigns of the 'Creative Revolution'), changed the way advertising art direction, copywriting and the advertising creative team worked. He formed his own advertising agency to investigate the possibilities of 'graphics' - graphic design - free of 'concept'. Later, back at DDB, he'd reconcile graphic design and art direction with his Polaroid campaign and Porsche campaign.



    Judy Protas: Clients, starting in the 70s, had been pinching pennies, and even when the roaring 80s came along and everything was Go, Go and Money, Money, Money - going up and being made - they got crotchetier and crotchetier and they did not trust the agency's judgement any more. I must say that there were darn few of them that would have let Bill Bernbach say, "I believe in it. Trust me."


Volkswagen of Detroit... last VW ads...VW logos... Peter Bregman on copywriting to fit... the Macintosh, MacWrite... Bregman, Greg Elkin on Krone; deteriorating health... Bill Bernbach, John Bulcroft, Ted Voss... Judy Protas on Krone, clients... 'Special Projects'... Don Blauweiss... John Lennard...Krone's work for American Blood Association... Roy Grace on Krone's J C Penney pitch...'self plagiarism is style'

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