Helmut Krone. The book.
  Graphic Design and Art
  Direction (concept, form
  and meaning) after
  advertising's Creative
  Revolution. Clive Challis
  The Cambridge Enchorial
  Press Ltd.
  ISBN 0954893107

ISBN 0-9548931-0-7 The evolution of commercial art into graphic design and then into advertising art direction. The 'Creative Revolution' orchestrated by William (Bill) Bernbach in New York moved 'Seventh Avenue' advertising methods into the mainstream. Helmut Krone's achievements as an art director at Doyle Dane Bernbach evolved fromPaul Rand, Lester Beall, Bob Gage and from Europe's Alexey Brodovitch, Jan Tschichold and John Heartfield.



   Charlie Piccirillo: We became intimidated by him. How could I sit here and Helmut come in and say, "I want to show you an ad." I would never put myself in that poiition to judge his ad. And that's the way I think Roy [Grace] felt, and Jack Marriucci, and John Noble [all, in their turn, DDB creative directors].'


Krone on creative directorship... Bob Gage, Bob Levenson, Roy Grace, Marvin Honig, Jack Marriucci, John Noble... Nat Waterston on Krone/Marvin Honig and Krone/Roy Grace relationships... Charlie Piccirillo on briefing Krone and client attitudes... Greg Elkin, Paul Rand, Peter Bregman... 'Graphics' vs advert-ising... Carl Fischer, Larry Sillen on Polaroid's Sun Camera campaign... Krone on '10 little Indians'... Charlie Herbstreithe... Massimo Vignelli, Philip Johnson... 'Unigrid'... Inform-ation Graphics... Polaroid leaves DDB - goes back to BBDO...

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