Helmut Krone. The book.
  Graphic Design and Art
  Direction (concept, form
  and meaning) after
  advertising's Creative
  Revolution. Clive Challis
  The Cambridge Enchorial
  Press Ltd.
  ISBN 0954893107

ISBN 0-9548931-0-7 Graphic design versus advertising art direction. Concept versus form in typography and layout. Helmut Krone worked for William (Bill) Bernbach at DDB - the advertising agency singlehandedly responsible for the 'Creative Revolution' of the sixties. He changed the way advertising art direction was applied to photography; changed the way copywriters wrote copyand the ways art directors and agency typographers set type. Some say he was the greatest art director ever.



Having explored all the well-worn, regular shaped bits of the admakers kit, they started to throw some of the parts away. Their quest for what mattered in an ad was taken to its logical extreme: no headline, no body copy - no verbal claim, no logo.


Bob Gage's 'Mondrian' style layouts... Howard Zieff as the photographic Norman Rockwell... DDB and the art/copy team... the Art Director's Show gives a credit line to writers... Bill Casey and Krone continue to explore what can be left out of an ad... Headline as caption... body copy as illustration... no headline... no body copy... no body copy and no headline...

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