Clive Challis. Cambridge Enchorial Press. Helmut Krone. The book. ISBN0954893107. Volkswagen. Avis. Polaroid. Advertising campaign. Advertising campaigns. Art direction. Creative advertising. VW Beetle campaign. Art Direction. Art Directors. Bill Bernbach. William Bernbach. Doyle Dane Bernbach. Bob Gage. We try harder.

Bill Bernbach, in his office, leans on a wall of the ads that made him famous - done by KroneBgKroneVW Krone's VW campaign defined modern advertising: the first 100 VW ads: the ones that changed everything.

Krone dis-
dained logos. And left them out. But he put in the period (before him headlines hadn't had them). His logo is on all the ads which followed him: the period at the end of their headlines.AvisNo2

Krone changed Art Direction - and his Avis and American Airlines ads changed the way advertising worked - presaging the birth of strategic planning. Later he'd play with meaning that didn't depend on words.

“Every art director, copywriter, planner, account person and
client should read it. It will make you better at your job.”
Paul Belford, Creative Review.

This is a book about typography and photography. About the hijacking of
European design theory... But mainly this is a book about The Idea. Challis's book is a parade of huge, timeless ideas, how they came to be and what they meant.
Marty Cooke, The One Club.

“If you really want to be a great art director then this is the one
art director you have to study. I really enjoyed it. It's educational,
instructive and most importantly, entertaining. 
A real tour-de-force.”
John Hegarty, founder partner Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

The Krone book, like Krone, is on another level.
It is about what advertising could be if we were all geniuses.

Tom Messner, Adweek.

“Challis has set a standard that will be difficult to match... providing a rich portrait of context and marketing conditions that influenced the strategic directions the campaigns took.” 
Anthony Vagnoni, Print magazine.

Anyone involved in design or advertising should read this.
David Stuart, co author of  ‘A smile in the mind.’

“Amongst art directors there's Helmut Krone, and then there's everyone else.”
Bob Gage, DDB's first art director.